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We are Beyond

Beyond Communications was established in 2004. Well-known executives from the largest communications companies in the field pooled their specific skills, experience and expertise to create this company.

Our experience in the field allows us to design high impact campaigns that merge the effect of a variety of communications tools and techniques to magnify the potential of communication and the scale of our results.   

Communication, we well know, goes far beyond a single approach and is most effective when we can blend many tools and means and can reap the effect of IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications).

Our focus lies in our clients’ goals and results rather than the choice of a particular communications practice. We look for solutions, and use holistic methods to engineer a balanced mix of different communications tools which lead to success.

We provide our clients with unique tailor-made solutions



Contact us

Sotiros 6,
Ag. Paraskevi, 153 43
Athens, Greece

tel: +30 210 639 1043
mob: +30 6945 67076